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Here is our resource page where you will find the check list for new team, link to our youtube channel, engineering and other documents.

  • First Tech Challenge - Try it now!
  • GMzero - Game Manual 0. One of the best sites for all things FTC. Authors of this site do an amazing job. Try it now!
  • FTCLib - FTCLib is a library designed to be the only library you'll need for FTC programming - Try it now here! and here!
  • EasyOpenCV - Try it now!
  • CTRL ALT FTC - Try it now!
  • A detailed guide to setup Github - Try it now! 
  • Android Studio App Development | GitHub Integration & Sharing - Try it now!
  • First Tech Challenge GitHub repo - Try it now!
  • RoadRunner - Authors of RoadRunner. Try it now! and their git repo - Try it now!
  • LearnRoadRunner - This site gives you all the insights on RoadRunner (primarily used for autonomous). Try it now!]
  • RoadRunner - Authors of RoadRunner. Try it now! and their git repo - Try it now!
  • Wizards.exe (FTC Team 9794) Spell Books - Try it now!
  • FTC Tutorials - Try it now!
  • OpenFTC/EasyOpenCV - Try it now!
  • The Orange Alliance (scores, ranking, etc.) - Try it now!
  • Effective FIRST Strategies 2023 | Karthik Kanagasabapathy - Try it now!
  • REV Control Hub, Andriod Setup - AStudio, Andriod File Transfer, terminal - adb start-server, adb connect, adb stop-server
  • Differential Swerve Demonstration - Try it now!

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